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How online requests for meet and greets will be sorted. Requests will ONLY count for available pets, pre-available pets will not be able to have meet and greet scheduled. Meet and greets are first come first serve. Once the first request has been submitted there is a 24 hour window for the first person in line to reply once a member of the board has messaged them. Then the board will move onto the next request in line to schedule meet and greets.


  1. Requests for meet and greets have to happen via online link
  2. Requests are sent to rescue board of directors, board will let foster know when the requests are received to schedule getting pet folder to the foster
  3. Foster parent will schedule meet and greet *Inform board when the date is set*
  4. Have adopter fill out rescue contract for pet [Take a photo of the front and back to send to Alison]
  5. Watch Kaylene Video
  1. Payment method options:

 Cash or check

Paypal (Same as card payment, there is a $5 fee)


Debit card or Credit Card  (there will be a $5 service fee and a member of the board needs to be called to process the payment)




Filling out the PetSmart Tablet to Complete Adoption

  • Request tablet from PetSmart Employee
  • Code to unlock the tablet is 1809
  • Select the Red dog icon on the bottom dashboard
  • Put 1809 in again then the drop down box has AZCARE
  • The rest of that page is cat demographics, fill out accordingly 
  • Continue on to the adopter information page. Make sure that the state of Arizona is what is checked, it doesn’t always auto fill
  • Then a signature page (hold harmless agreement for PetSmart)
  • Lastly, provide the adopter with the coupon booklet (also received from the PetSmart Employee)

Board members to be contacted with questions or more payment info are: Alison, Crystal, Vickie, Nikki, or Kaylene