Purresident’s Press December 2019

Purresident’s Press December 2019

Wishing you season’s greetings from our team here at AZ CARE!

We hope that this newsletter finds you in great spirits as we enjoy our last month of the decade. This holiday season our team has been reflecting on what a great community we are a part of and are so grateful for all your continued support of our work helping the animals in our community.

Thank you to everyone who contributed on Giving Tuesday and who continue to show support by sharing our stories! You impact the lives of these animals and we couldn’t do what we do without you! These first few days of the month have been extremely eventful for the rescue and unfortunately very expensive.  As many of our Facebook followers saw, on December 2nd we collectively had many emergency vet trips.

Beautiful mamma, Clove, was taken to the vet due to birth complications for an emergency C-section. After giving birth to some of her kittens, it was discovered that she still had at least four kittens in her who, due to the complications, had yet to come into this world. Clove’s foster knew there were more kittens, but Clove seemed to be having a hard time. With her giving birth to 6 and only 2 making it, she called and we had her rush her to the vet. The vet stated there were 4 more kittens in there and could hear at least 3 heartbeats. Because we didn’t want to “wait and see” over the next 24 hours and potentially lose mama, we had the vet do the cesarean. After surgery, 3 of the 4 kittens were alive and mamma and babies were healthy and returned home. We have included photos of the x-rays in case anyone is curious what it all looked like. The final cost – $1421.73. Small price to pay for 6 lives!


Our second kitty vet trip of the day was for one of our adorable kitten’s foot, Cyclops. His foster noticed him walking awkwardly on in and it appears to have been broken at one time. This was confirmed by the Vet who said it is a break but happened a while ago and is already healed. She said she would not break and repair unless he was much older. The vet stated that it may not be necessary to repair when he gets older, but to keep an eye and have a recheck when he’s closer to fully grown. Thankful for a healthy kitten who is not experiencing swelling or pain. Cyclops is thriving in his foster home and already loves his big foster sister (even though she doesn’t share the feeling yet).

Our third trip of the day was for one of our new canine friends that we had pulled from county the past Saturday. He had been consistently throwing up and hadn’t eaten since Saturday night. Out of concern for this sweet pup, he was brought to San Tan Animal Hospital where he was tested for parvo. This test came back positive and this poor baby immediately began treatment. He is doing a lot better and has a follow up vet appointment this morning.

During this challenging past few days we have experienced such an outpouring of love and support from our community and we want to say thank you, from the bottoms of our hearts. Pizza Party Comedy, a Phoenix based improv group, has started a creative fundraiser to support AZ CARE that is sure to bring you a chuckle. Please check them out and send some love their way! We understand the holidays are here, and we’ve been asking for a lot over the past few days. We 100% appreciate all the support, shares, and love our followers show every day! Thank you for showing such love and we wish you and your family a safe and happy month!

Breanna Wright  

Creative Director |AZ Center for Animal Rescue & Education |AZ CARE

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