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Howdy, I’m Zeppo!

My favorite thing to do is: Be a little monkey! I love to play play play. The doggy and I play tag l. The kitties and I wrestle. And I may be small, but I take on my foster mommy all the time. She usually wins by rubbing my belly though.

What makes me special is: I am a cuddle bug when I’m tired and a crazy boy when I’m awake. I have a ton of energy and no fear!

I want my new owner to know: I am still a baby so I am in my “teeth are used for everything” stage. I’m trying to learn the, no biting lesson, but it’s no fun. If you have a human baby, you might want to find an older kitty.

When I am feeling playful I like to.. (favorite toys): I love all the kitties and the pup in my foster home. They are great playmates. I love doing a sneak attack and pouncing on them. I also love every toy and non-toy ever made. If it moves, I can carry it, kick it, bite it or climb it… its mine and it’s a toy!

Where do I sleep? I love sleeping in my little cubby, the couch, my foster momma’s arms or wherever my head lands after a rousing play session.

I am good with: Cats, Dogs, and Kids

By nature I am: Energetic, Cuddly, Playful, Social, Affectionate, Curious, and I like to be held.