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Hello, I’m Vulpix

My favorite thing to do is tell you about my day! I have a sweet little mew and I say hello to the people I know when thry come in the room. I also love to cuddle with other friendly cats. You’ll find me at the center of any pile of purr.

What makes me special is I’m a girl! Most orange tabbies are boys and only 20% are female, so I’m pretty good at beating the odds! I was found in a storm drain at a park, which wasn’t a safe place for a growing kitten like me. What are the odds that some caring people would come to my rescue? I must be lucky!

I want my new owner to know I love, love to have a kitty friend and would do best in a household with at least one other friendly cat. I’m a bit timid, and other friendly kitties help me come out of my shell.
I am on the shy side, so though I have some experience with kids I would do best in a household with older children or just adults because I get startled pretty easily.
I love treats and I love to play with dangly wand toys. I talk to people and play with them, but I’m not particularly cuddly with people that I don’t know. My cuddly side mostly comes out with other cats!

When I am feeling playful I like to…chase puff balls, bat at jingly wand toys, and pounce on catnip mice. I also love cat trees to climb. When it is time to rest I sleep Curled up with other kitties.

I am good with Cats, Kids] and I have no experience around dogs

By nature I am… Playful, Shy, Curious.