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Howdy, I’m Moana

My favorite thing to do is Run and play! I love chasing other kitties. I’m all play! I will chase a string if you run with it. If you a roll a ball- I will stop What ever I am doing and chase it. Put your hand under a blanket and I will pounce! I really love playing with other kittens. I like the ounce on them and run up and down the halls together!

What makes me special is I am sassy and sweet. I play hard but I love my
People. I’m not a cuddly (remember I LOVE to play) but I want to be where you are! I’ll
Follow you around the house and want to be in the same room. If I don’t know where you are, I will meow loudly to call for you! Sometimes I will crawl by you but I don’t want to snuggle. I’m Happy just knowing you are there. If you make kissing noises, I’ll put my mouth up and give you a kiss.

I want my new owner to know That I am so much fun. I’m spastic and I love to run! I think it will be best if I have another kitty to play with to help keep me entertained. I was teeny tiny when I was found by the Resuce. My 2 brothers didn’t make it, but I was a fighter- and here I am- spunky and so darling. My furr is so soft! I love food! You will definitely win me over if you have treats! I am small but I am sure mighty! I am good with kids that know how to hold and handle kittens. Little kids like toddlers make me nervous and I usually try and run.

When I am feeling playful I like to…Chase anything that moves! When it is time to rest I sleep Where ever I can find a comfy place. Usually
Curled up with my kitten friends and on someone’s bed with a soft blanket.

I am good with[Cats, Dogs]

By nature I am… [Energetic, Playful, Social, Loud, Curious, I like to be held].