Chicken Nugget

Chicken Nugget
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What’s up everyone? I’m Chicken Nugget!

My favorite thing to do is race after my brother and toys, explore every empty paper bag and corner, and sleep so I can do it all again! I love cat trees, both tall and short.

What makes me special is my curiosity knows no bounds. I am very vocal and if I can’t find you or my brother I will often meow and call out for you. I can turn anything into a toy, an abandoned sticker, stray pom pom ball, a rock, my imagination is limitless.

I want my new owner to know I might be a little shy at first, but soon I will be exploring, investigating and finding things to play with. I play hard and I sleep hard! I love to curl up on your lap when I take a break from playing.

When I am feeling playful I like to… play and chase my brother around the house, under beds and through cat tunnels. I love when humans play with me with cat wands toys or toss a ball or spring for me. Noisy toys, like crinkle balls and empty paper bags are my favorite. I never turn down an offer to play. When it is time to rest I sleep anywhere cozy like on top of my brother, in cat trees, and on your lap at your desk.

I am good with Cats, Dogs, Kids

By nature I am…Energetic, Playful, Social, Loud, Affectionate, Curious.