Breanna Wright

Creative Director

Meet Breanna!

Breanna has been working as the volunteer creative director for AZ CARE Rescue since December of 2018 and joined the rescue as a kitten foster prior to that. With her BS in  Graphic Information Technology from  Arizona State University, Breanna is a digital designer with a passion for social entrepreneurship and technology. Pursuing design came from a place of necessity. She saw needs within my own community and found design to be the avenue for helping give voice to those needs. Her designs are inspired by people, their incredible stories, and the missions they work to achieve. She feels most alive when contributing to her community through design.

Breanna loves being a foster family, maintaining & designing the AZ CARE website, graphic design, photography, and working closely with our awesome team of interns!

In her free time she loves spending time with her husband, (AZ CARE Vice President) Alexander Wright, and their seven fur babies (plus all our fosters).


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