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Picacho is the runt of his litter and the day he was caught we found his momma sitting right by his trap, protecting her smallest. This little fellow is small, but mighty and has a personality all his own.

Picacho and his brothers and sister were born on Arizona State University’s Polytechnic Campus. Picacho and his family were trapped by ASU students who partnered with AZ CARE Rescue to help the local cat population by placing the kittens born on campus into care and working to trap/neuter/release the feral adult cats on the Polytechnic campus.

Picacho loves to play with his foster brothers and sisters, getting along marvelously with other cats. He is very playful and especially loves toys on strings.

Picacho likes to challenge our perceptions of kittens and is quick to set boundaries with the people in his life to set a foundation for trust, which is earned for him. Every day he is making progress with building trust. He is happy to play with his humans at arm's length, he now accepts treats from his foster parent's hands (and sometimes lets them sneak in a few pets too), and will even warm up to a pet session on occasion. He is a happy kitten who is not mean spirited, just slow to trust.

He brings many smiles to his foster family's faces by his playful kitten energy, cute coos, and quirky personality. His ideal family will be someone who is willing to take the time to build trust and get to know him for the cool cat that he is, not just a cute fluffy baby.

Since he is still uncomfortable with being held his foster family has started harness training him for the adoption events. This gives him the arm's length distance he at times feels safer with while giving opportunity for the people who love him to hang out with him. Make sure to say hi to this cute baby in his purple harness if you see him at our events!