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Hello, I’m Barb

My favorite thing to do is Observe what’s happening around me and hang out with other cats. I am a great companion cat. I don’t really like to be held, but I like to be where the other cats are and see what’s going on.

What makes me special is I am a beautiful kitty with the sweetest meow. I get along well with other cats. I almost prefer them to people. I am very low key and am very quiet.

I want my new owner to know I enjoy a quiet house. Kids and loud noises make me nervous and I hide when they are around. I came to the rescue when I was about 2 1/2 months old. Because of my experience, I was nervous around people and found comfort in other cats. I was adopted about 8 months ago But was returned because it just wasn’t the right fit. So I’m still Adjusting to all the changes. There is nothing mean about me, I’m just scared. After a few weeks, in a new home, I do come around and am ok with people petting me and I am quick to purr. I don’t really like my hair brushed and I’m happy to just do my own thing.

When I am feeling playful I like to…Play with things that move that I can chase and play with other cats. When it is time to rest I sleep Wherever I find a comfortable place. Often times on the couch.

I am good with Cats, Dogs and I am not good with or unsure around Kids

By nature I am… Very Shy, Quiet, Curious, I do not like to be held.