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Thank you for your interest in meeting one of our fantastic puppies! You are  here because you submitted a meet and greet request and we will be forwarding your request to our dog coordinator once you have completed this questionnaire.

As a note, we do all our meet and greets at the Petsmart on Ellsworth and Rittenhouse in Queen Creek. We do this as we can control the cleanliness of the environment, and ensure a relatively distraction free meeting.
Please do this in a timely manner, we know how excited you are to meet this pup! Thank you again for your interest in giving this puppy a forever home!

    Top Gun Puppies Meet and Greet QuestionnaireBefore our dog coordinator, Crystal, reaches out to you to schedule a meet and greet we require that this quick questionnaire be filled out and submitted.
    1. Your Name (required)
    2. Email Address (required)
    3. Cell number
    4. Name of the pet you were notified that you are first in line for
    5. Have you read the personality profile for this pet?
    6. Do you own your home or rent?
    7. If renting, do you have your landlord's permission to own a dog?
    8. Do you understand this puppy will be a large breed puppy and can grow up to and potentially over 90lbs in size?
    9. Do you have a fenced yard?
    10. Do you have any current pets?
    11. Do you have dog experience as an adult?
    1. By filling out this form you acknowledge that being first in line for this puppy does not guarantee adoption. Our rescue is dedicated to finding good placements for these puppies and will be working will all first in line potential adopters to make sure the puppy is a good fit for your home.
    2. I understand and agree that a home check (can be done virtually) is required for adoption of this pet, and must be completed prior to bringing the pet home.

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      Our dog coordinator will be in touch with you shortly.