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Welcome! The updated meet and greet form with newly available pets will be posted here at 9pm every Friday

Unless otherwise communicated – all adoptions will be coordinated online via meet and greets. Meet and greets can only be scheduled for available pets. 

Helpful tips:

  1. Submit a meet and greet request when pets becomes available at 9pm on Friday
  2. Submit a meet and greet for your top two choices (or more)
  3. Check pet’s profile for pending meet and greets (if you have not received an email, request an additional pet for your second choice)
  4. Only request available pets

What’s next? What you need to know for your meet and greet


1) A member of our team will be in contact with you to coordinate your meet and greet (typically the pet of your choice’s foster parent)

3)  Meet the pet (typically at the Queen Creek PetSmart) 

4) Fill out the adoption contract

5) Complete the AME (Adoptions Made Easy) on the iPad or your smartphone. The instructions are in a red folder on the top shelf of the habitat or linked in the foster chat.

6)  Pay the adoption fee:

~Donations for Cats: $150 over 12 months; Kittens under 12 months: $175

~Donations for Dogs: $200 over 12 months & Puppies: $350

We take cash, checks and credit cards for adoption fees. Credit Cards will be subjected to a $5 processing fee in addition to the adoption fee 

6)  After a few weeks AZ CARE will send the microchip transfer from Found Animals to the adopter’s email address on file.

​7)  Adoption is finalized!

Special Note: If the adoption does not work out for any reason the animal must be returned to AZ CARE. They cannot be rehomed, sold, given to anyone else or surrendered to another rescue or shelter.