Zorro – Adopted

Zorro – Adopted
Zorro – Adopted
Zorro – Adopted
Zorro – Adopted
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Zorro is a lovely boy who is quite small in stature for his age, but makes up for it with a giant heart ready to love! When he came to AZ CARE, the white of his fur was barely visible because he was so dirty. He was the first kitty his fosters had ever met who purred during bath time, not just for one bath either. He had two baths in a row and just looked up at his new foster parents with loving eyes and purred the whole time.

 With his old life washed away, this angelic boy showed that he was always meant to be a house cat. He is the biggest love bug and can happily spend hours in your lap. He is unassuming by nature and when spooked by loud noises does hide, but he happily comes out to baby talk! He is a HUGE mamma’s boy and with seal your heart before you know it like a little bandito. 

My favorite thing to do is…Be pet and loved on!

Tips From the Foster

How often I eat? Free Fed
Am I eating wet or dry? Dry
I sleep: With you or curled up in the book shelf (sometimes inside of a big book)

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