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My favorite thing to do is… My favorite thing to do is… Purr and talk! I’m  very vocal. I also like to watch what you’re doing and take naps in the sun.
I want my new owner to know… I am really sweet but still very timid with humans, men especially. I bond very quickly to other cats and am very affectionate towards them. I purr 90% of the time and can be very vocal when it’s time to eat! I don’t like to be picked up, but I do like to be pet (on my own terms.) I also love to shred fast food napkins and make a nest out of them 🙂
What makes me special is… I was captured when pregnant at about a year old and feral. I escaped into the petsmart during a foster event and led them on a merry chase 🙂 I was then given to my current foster, who’s had me for a year now to socialize me. I’ve gone from growls to purrs and leg headbutts. I will take time to trust you, but it will be worth it if you will accept that I don’t like to be picked up.

Tips From the Foster

How often I eat? Half a can of friskies wet food twice a day
Am I eating wet or dry? Wet, Dry
My favorite toys are: Anything, but ny favorite are black hair bands with no metal tab
I sleep: Anywhere