Toothless – Adopted

Toothless – Adopted
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My favorite thing to do is… Run around and play with my big brother. I am just getting to know our two younger foster babies Valka and Ruffnut. Do you detect a theme here? I was named after the character in How To Train Your Dragon. The new baby girls were too.

I want my new owner to know… I will be there always for you, won’t you please think about adopting me?

What makes me special is… I was found all by myself in a hoarders home. Not an animal hoarder but a stuff hoarder. They looked all over to find my Mom and litter mates but none were found. I have had a rough start out in my little kitty life but my foster parents are giving me all the love I need, a warm place to sleep, food and water and hugs and kisses all the time. I have gorgeous kitty eyes that will hypnotize you!

Tips From the Foster

How often I eat? I free feed dry all day and get wet food twice a day

My favorite toys are: Crinkly shiny balls and nip sticks
I sleep: My hammock in the kitty pen

Good with

Am I good with Dogs? Unknown
Am I good with Cats? Yes
Am I good with Kids? Unknown

Q: What is the criteria (typically) for kittens to be considered available for adoption? 

 A: Pre-avalible kittens will (typically) become available after they have been fixed and once they get their 2nd set of shots at 8 weeks. They are scheduled to be fixed after 8 weeks and have reached 2 lbs (please bear in mind that this timeline can vary from kitten to kitten since weight is a factor and scheduling with vet to get them fixed is a factor). They must then recover for a minimum of 3 days after being fixed before they are considered available. Once a kitten has met this criteria it her/she will be moved to the available pet section of the site. If you have specific questions about an animal comment on their pet profile.

Please note, all estimations on availability dates are subject to change based on the individual kitten and them meeting the above criteria (not everyone grows at the same speed).