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My favorite thing to do is… Is to run around and attack dust bunnies and my shadow with determination and meowing.

I want my new owner to know… I am very timid in new situations. I was once considered a stray, but was found and given a chance. My foster family was very patient with me. I warmed up when they played with me with a laser pointer. (My favorite toy!). They found that l liked being petted when I eat. Eventually when I began to to comfortable in my foster home, I will snuggle up to my foster family on the couch. I am also very chatty when I play. I get along with other cats, but never been around dogs. I am not a fan of baths, but will put up with one if I HAVE to.

What makes me special is… I am a bit shy. However once you start petting me you will find that I am the softest cat ever. I also purr a lot. I purr when I play, being petted, when I eat. My foster mom once caught me purring when I pooped.

Tips From the Foster

When I am feeling playful I like to…

I love laser pointers, feathers and string. I also love to chase lint, dust bunnies. I also love to wrestle with other cats.

**I sleep: ** I sleep where ever I can find a cozy spot. I like the window sills, a comfortable couch or snuggled on a soft quilt.

I am good with

[Cats] [Kids]

It is unknown if I am good with


Q: What is the criteria (typically) for kittens to be considered available for adoption? 

 A: Pre-avalible kittens will (typically) become available after they have been fixed and once they get their 2nd set of shots at 8 weeks. They are scheduled to be fixed after 8 weeks and have reached 2 lbs (please bear in mind that this timeline can vary from kitten to kitten since weight is a factor and scheduling with vet to get them fixed is a factor). They must then recover for a minimum of 3 days after being fixed before they are considered available. Once a kitten has met this criteria it her/she will be moved to the available pet section of the site. If you have specific questions about an animal comment on their pet profile.

Please note, all estimations on availability dates are subject to change based on the individual kitten and them meeting the above criteria (not everyone grows at the same speed).

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