Pippi – Adopted

Pippi – Adopted
Pippi – Adopted
Pippi – Adopted

My favorite thing to do is… Pippi was a feral kitten that was born in her foster’s Back yard.  With lots of time and patience Pippi, has become a sweet kitty.  She loves to be petted when eating and loves to chase the laser pointer.
I want my new owner to know… If your patient and give her time to adjust, she will be a sweetheart and a lifelong friend.
What makes me special is… She has a tiny, sqeaky meow that is so seeet.  She seems smaller than her litter mates so she may a petite little kitty.

Tips from the Foster

How often I eat? 2 times a day
Am I eating wet or dry? Dry
My favorite toys are: Laser pointer, string, balls
I sleep: Anywhere

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