Mr. Right – Adopted

Mr. Right – Adopted

Mr. Right is just like his name suggests – Purrfectly RIGHT!  He is silly and super playful.  He loves other cats and people but hasn’t had the opportunity to play with dogs except under the door (my dogs are not always cat friendly – but he’ll push them toys or a paw under the door to them).  He has the most unusual white whisker that makes him very distinct.  Give him a toy mouse or a dangley toy and he is a happy boy.  Give him another playful cat, and he’s in heaven!  If you want a playful cat who thinks he’s still a baby, Mr. Right is JUST RIGHT for you.

Tips from the Foster

Pet has been eating: Dry
Food brands: I’ll eat anything
How often pet eats: I have dry food available all the time.  Because I’m so playful, I need to have food to keep my weight up.

Toys pet likes: Stuffed toys like mice, crinkly bags, balls, dangle toys, other cats or kittens.
Where does Pet sleep? In your bed of course!
Pet’s favorite thing to do is…I love to play play play.  I’m super quick too!  I can zoom around a room in the blink of an eye.  I also like getting my belly rubbed.
I want my new owner to know….I need lots of attention and play time.  I don’t want to be bored.  I would probably do best with another playful cat or dog.  I would LOVE kids to play with.  I am not a lazy, lay around kitty so if you’re looking for a lap cat, I’m not it.

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