Mercury – Adopted

Mercury – Adopted
My Birthday:


Estimated Available Date:


My favorite thing to do is… make myself as available as I can so that I am irresistible to anyone passing near me.  I anticipate they will see my beautiful man-mane and be instantly drawn to me and I will enjoy long stretches of affection and adoration.  wink, wink.  I know I am a lot for some people to behold and I realize my aura intimidates others, but if you care about more than my striking masculine features, I will show you my softer side.  In truth, I am all soft side.  My coat is like air and my belly is more like mush than muscle.  I don’t work at being this incredible.

I want my new owner to know… When I am picked up, touched, scratched, loved, breathed on, talked to, talked about, or even mentioned in passing, I purr.  It’s more like an internal roar and it helps me to find peace of mind knowing I bring joy to those around me.  I am 1 of 4 brothers that are nothing like me but we get a long like a family and I takr care of them. I am the eldest.

What makes me special is… I have impeccable personal hygiene, I am quiet but my meow makes people laugh.  I don’t complain or demand anything. I love wet food but it isn’t good for me.  I have no self control when I smell deliciousness, and most folks know what I am talking about. wink, wink.  I live to be close to my people and will find a place near you and sleep with you as long as you let me.  I am not allowed on countertops, or in bedrooms, so I only get to cuddle when I am invited. I am learning manners.  I love scratching posts and running water.  I am a lovely addition to a home.  My priority is love and companionship. Please don’t leave me home alone everyday.  I will need you or a friend to be my best self.

Tips From the Foster

How often I eat? free fed

Am I eating wet or dry? dry kitten food all day for the first year
My favorite toys are: lasers rule my mind, balls, feathers, crinkly toys, treats!!!

I sleep: on the couch or alone on the cat tree

Good with

Am I good with Dogs? Unknown, expected to be ok
Am I good with Cats? Yes
Am I good with Kids? Yes

Q: What is the criteria (typically) for kittens to be considered available for adoption? 

 A: Pre-avalible kittens will (typically) become available after they have been fixed and once they get their 2nd set of shots at 8 weeks. They are scheduled to be fixed after 8 weeks and have reached 2 lbs (please bear in mind that this timeline can vary from kitten to kitten since weight is a factor and scheduling with vet to get them fixed is a factor). They must then recover for a minimum of 3 days after being fixed before they are considered available. Once a kitten has met this criteria it her/she will be moved to the available pet section of the site. If you have specific questions about an animal comment on their pet profile.

Please note, all estimations on availability dates are subject to change based on the individual kitten and them meeting the above criteria (not everyone grows at the same speed).