Malmsteen – Adopted

Malmsteen – Adopted
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My favorite thing to do is… I am very curious so I like to know what’s going on all over, on top and behind everything. I love to explore. I want my new owner to know… When I am done exploring I would love to take a nap in your lap. I will purr at the first pet. I love the top of my head rubbed. When I am playing with my people I never get to rough. My foster mom says I am the most gentle kitten she has ever met. My claws don’t come out to scratch and my teeth never bite. Since I am the smallest kitten in the house my nickname is Little Peanut. What makes me special is… I am a pretty tiny kitty. My mom is small too and I will probably be petite. I seem delicate but I am fearless. I have been known to steal the dog’s bed and get away with it. My fur looks almost black but sometimes looks chocolate brown with faint stripes.

Tips From the Foster

How often I eat? I like a little wet food in the morning and dry food all day! Am I eating wet or dry? Dry
My favorite toys are: I love my turbo scratcher and chasing little balls. Sometimes I just get the zoomies and run all over the place. I sleep: I like to sleep in my kitty hammock, on pillows, on blankets and sometimes on the big fluffy dog.

Good with

Am I good with Dogs? Yes
Am I good with Cats? Yes
Am I good with Kids? Yes