Iger – Adopted

Iger – Adopted
My Birthday:


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This kitten has tested positive for FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus). Their mother is definitely positive which means that while they have been nursing, they are getting those antibodies. This does NOT mean that the babies will remain positive. There is a high probability that they will come back negative after they have stopped nursing. It is recommended that they be retested in a month and AZCARE will cover the cost of that second test. If they remain positive, we want you to know that they can still live very long, happy and healthy lives with regular vet check-ups and the knowledge of what to watch for, such as upper respiratory infections that need to be treated right away.

My favorite thing to do is… Climb  and wrestle with the other cats

I want my new owner to know… I will play and cuddle

What makes me special is… Will fall asleep in your lap


Tips from the Foster

How often I eat? 4 times aday
Am I eating wet or dry? Wet, Dry
My favorite toys are: Springs little  balls and just about anything
I sleep: With other brothers and sisters