Galloway – Adopted

Galloway – Adopted

My favorite thing to do is… Galloway LOVES to play and cuddle. She is such a lover and doesn’t know how to NOT show affection. She currently has a great time playing with our female lab and they do a great job wearing each other out. She also loves to go on walks and does not pull much on her leash. Galloway also LOVES to chew! So her toys need to be for dogs with strong jaws! Laying on a dog bed chewing is one way Galloway likes to relax, but she can go through a stuffed animal in 10 seconds flat!
I want my new owner to know… Galloway has not had the time dedicated to her training that she needs. She is a wonderful dog, but like most untrained dogs, she will revert to her “puppy”ways if not taught what is appropriate for her new home. She is a very intelligent dog and learns quickly, but she is full of energy and so some of that needs to be burned off before training time. She is very good in her kennel and that is where she needs to be if she isn’t being watched. I believe Galloway and her new owner will benefit GREATLY with a training course. She will love the socialization and stimulation it will provide, it will educate her new owners. and it will make Galloway the most amazing dog she can be. She hasn’t had anyone invest in her yet and that’s why she jumps, runs around, chews on things she shouldn’t, and gets into mischief. If her new owner will invest in her and her training the first few months she is with you it will pay off so much! You and her will bond beyond your imagination and you will become best friends!
I want my new owner to know… Galloway is ALL LOVE! She is one of the most loving dogs we have fostered. She will sit with you on the couch, if you let her, or will cuddle with you in bed. She has so much love and loyalty to share with whoever makes her their forever dog. She smiles when you pet her (that is my kids favorite thing about her), and it is so fun to give her pets just to see it appear.

I like other dogs of all sizes, but I have to be the alpha. I do not like other dogs who try to dominate or jump all over me.
I was starved for a bit and since then I am a little protective over my food. I do best if I am fed in my kennel where I do not have to worry that someone will take away my food. This is something that I may be trained out of, but after being returned to the rescue in terrible shape, I have been protective over my food.
I am allergic to fish, chicken, and grains, so I do need food that doesn’t contain these items, but if you adopt me, I will bring loads of love and enjoyment to your home.
I will benefit from obedience training, and would even excel at Agility training.
I ride really well in the car, and jump right in when you tell me it is time to go.
If you are interested in me, please reach out to the rescue or come down to Petsmart and meet me! I promise, you will not be disappointed!
What makes me special is… I am SUPER AFFECTIONATE to all humans and love cats.

Tips From the Foster

How often I eat? I eat 2xs a day.
Am I eating wet or dry? Dry
My favorite toys are: Anything that is VERY hard to chew up. Kong, Chuck it and other brands for dogs with strong jaws who love to chew are great. Galloway also likes a tug of war rope
I sleep: She currently sleeps in her kennel. She will also be happy to cuddle up with you on your bed if you aren’t opposed to that.

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