Foxtrot – Adopted

Foxtrot – Adopted
Foxtrot – Adopted
Foxtrot – Adopted
Foxtrot – Adopted
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My favorite thing to do is… Eat and play! I love to play with my siblings, foster family and toys.

I want my new owner to know… I am very affectionate and love to get pets! I am pretty good at using puppy pad for potty training and am familiar with a kennel or crate. Be a little patient with me when I come home with you because my bladder isn’t fully developed until I am around 4 months old. But I will do my best to go where I am supposed to if you are consistent with me. Like all other puppies, I like to bite and chew. Help me know what is acceptable for me to bite and chew on. After a few reminders I will get better and my foster family is helping me with this. I am very active and look forward to many adventures with my new family!

What makes me special is… I have the coolest brindle color on my coat! I almost look like a tiger. I also have a “nub” tail and this comes from my Austrailian Cattle Dog ancestry. I am very sweet and affectionate and love to be pet and snuggled. I am pretty smart and can’t wait to learn all the cool tricks you are going to teach me! My foster family is working on teaching me “sit” right now!

Tips From the Foster

How often I eat? Dry puppy food softened with water 2-3 times a day Am I eating wet or dry? Dry
My favorite toys are: ANY!
I sleep: in a pen with my 8 other siblings

Good with

Am I good with Dogs? Yes
Am I good with Cats? Unknown
Am I good with Kids? Yes

List of words the foster mom is using with the puppies… 
Not yours… obviously used for anything “not theirs”. I use this when they are chewing on anything they shouldn’t be. I say the phrase and then move them away from the item and give them something they can chew

Sit… self explanatory

No… I use this when they are biting too hard. I move my hand or foot away and say “no”

Potty… when I see them going where they should I say the word over and over and then pet and praise them when they are done

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