Fiona is the Master of her Domain.  Her personal confidence and spacial awareness make her a monument of dignity and grace in our home. She is quiet and sweet, very much a lap lover and appreciates the occasional chest to chest hug. Her pink nose is super kissable but you’ll be lucky to get a smooch planted on her, she is not a fan of getting her perfect face messed up by a human…oh no! She twists and turns and makes it a game to avoid all facial contact.  We adore her and consider her our cat ambassador for all the new fosters. She makes sure she greets each of them with soft, slow introductions and teaches them all how to behave.  She never claws the furniture or carpet, or cries, in fact, she is as quiet as a mouse.  She loves the laser and soft pillows.  The cat tree option is nice but she prefers a corner of the couch or chair.  She finds her special place and that’s where you will find her when she is tired.  She has always had normal bowels and I have yet to find a furr-ball surprise in my hallway:). She is a very sweet and even-tempered cat. If you have space for a loving girl with no attitude or special needs, Fiona is the one.

Tips from the Foster

Pet has been eating: Dry
Food brands: Iams
How often pet eats: Free Feeding

Toys pet likes: Lasers
Where does Pet sleep? pillows and couch or chair corners
Pet’s favorite thing to do is…get scratches and cuddles from us. All the time. Always
I want my new owner to know….I am a mature, no frills cat. I do not demand much but I do love to be close to you and if you want the best of me, I want to be a part of your life. Please don’t ignore me just because I am quiet and easy-going.  I am a smart and kind soul with much love and companionship to give.

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