Crisp – adopted

Crisp – adopted

If I’m not sleeping in my sink, I’m playing with my brothers! I love to play! I try playing with the dogs, but one just licks me until I’m soaking and the other just sleeps.  The only thing better than playing is climbing! I’d love a house that has tall cat trees for me, the higher the better! I’m a really sweet guy and would like a home where I’m not an only kitty

Tips from the Foster

Pet has been eating: Dry

Toys pet likes: I like ALL THE TOYS!!! I’m very playful and can turn anything into a toy. I really, really like cat trees and anything that lets me get high off the ground. I like to look out over my lands and make sure everybody is behaving (and not playing with MY toys!)
Where does Pet sleep? I like to sleep in one of the cat beds, on my foster mom’s face, or in the sink 😀
Pet’s favorite thing to do is…I love to climb. Being up high is awesome!
I want my new owner to know….I’m a playful guy but I do know how to be chill.

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