Chevy – Adopted

Chevy – Adopted
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My favorite thing to do is… Cuddle and chill. Chevy is a casual guy who appreciates the good life. If he had his way I would watch TV all-day and hold him on my chest. When I first met him he looked at me with the biggest eyes and basically asked permission to be my best friend. He also, LOVES my teenage son! He waits at his door in the morning to come in and hang out on his bed. It’s like having a manny! I want my new owner to know… I am initially shy, but I have never misbehaved, scratched, bitten, growled or acted aggressive in any way towards my fosters. You may have to come get me and hold me at first to break down my fear, but I will soon love you and want all your time. I obey all the house rules and make no messes. What makes me special is… His calm and gentle attitude. He is old enough to know better in most things but still has a playful and curious nature. He love treats and the game of “chase the treats”. He took some time to adjust to my other cats but eventually did and now they are cat-friends.

Tips From the Foster

How often I eat? free fed
Am I eating wet or dry? Dry
My favorite toys are: laser, string, chase toys I sleep: anywhere he wants

Good with

Am I good with Dogs? Unknown
Am I good with Cats? Yes
Am I good with Kids? Yes