Carrie – Adopted

Carrie – Adopted
Carrie – Adopted

Carrie (We call her Cali) is a super sweet cat. She loves attention and will come and sit on your lap when she’s feeling super affectionate. She will give “love bites” but they’re not hard. She loves her cat tree and loves to snuggle and sleep on something soft. She is a hunter and has killed mice in our home (which we were grateful for!) and she will keep you safe from bugs and the like! She is good with kids, and other cats. She’s good with dogs, but will defend her space if need be. She’s taught a few foster pups how they should act around cats!! She loves to drink from the running faucet. She jumps up there every time I turn it on. If you have a water fountain for a cat water bowl, she will be in heaven. She really is a super nice cat. She doesn’t do well at the events because she gets too stressed out, but if you are interested in her, let us know and we can schedule a meet and greet outside of the events.

Tips From the Foster

Pet has been eating: Wet, Dry
Food brands: Good Natured for the dry, various for the wet.
How often pet eats: I am free fed, so I only eat when I’m hungry.

Toys pet likes: I like mouse toys and toys that dangle. I don’t play a lot because I am an adult and have to keep up appearances, but when I do, these are the toys I play with.
Where does Pet sleep? Wherever there’s a soft spot for me. I like my cat tree, and the bed, and any dog or cat beds that might be available for me.
Pet’s favorite thing to do is…Sleep!! I am a cat, after all.
I want my new owner to know….It may take me a few days to adjust to your home, so please give me time. I promise I am super full of love, and am looking for my perfect home. I don’t need other animal companions, but I do not get upset if you have other animals in the home.

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