Ambrosia – Adopted

Ambrosia – Adopted

Ambrosia is currently living in a house with 6 other cats and 2 Rottweilers. She’s very shy at first but once she comes out of her shell, she is an absolute sweetheart! She likes to be held and prefers to be pet under her chin than the top of her head. She’s the smallest animal in the house and often gets pushed around by her bigger brothers. She’s on the submissive side, but can hold her own when playing. She LOVES chasing toys and anything that has a bell lights up her world!¬† She’s not one that will come running up to you in a busy situation, and she can easily be overlooked, but when she gets comfortable in her situation she is the sweetest little cat

Tips from the Foster

Pet has been eating: Dry

Toys pet likes: I like all sorts of toys! I’m living with several larger kitties that steal toys from me, but my foster mommy found my stash. Anything that has a bell, it’s MINE!! I also really like those string toys that look like fishing poles. It’s a lot of fun to chase it around and try to jump and catch it when my foster mommy makes it dance!
Where does Pet sleep? I like to cuddle up at my foster mommy’s feet, but the bigger cats try to sleep on top of me so I end up in the kitty bed that’s under the human bed.
I want my new owner to know….I start off really shy. You may not see me for a day or two after I get to my new home, but once I’m comfortable, I am the sweetest little love bug ever!

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