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Pets Coming Available Saturday @11am!
Weekly Pet Update

Who will be new to adopt this Saturday?

Moving to Available: 10/22/22 at the event!

This Saturday, October 22, we will be at the PetSmart on Ellsworth and Rittenhouse in Queen Creek for a Special Adoption Event from 10am - 1pm! Most of the pets who normally appear on the meet and greet form at 9pm on Friday night, will be at the event looking for their forever home! Please come out and see most of our pets and adopt your new forever family member!

Cats Coming Available:
Bulan, Cletus Hogg, Jinxy

Most pets in the coming available list and pets that are already available will be at the event this Saturday. Anyone who isn't adopted will be available per the meet and greet process after the event has ended.

Schedule a meet and greet with an available pet!

Meet and greets can be set up once the pet is available. With the new changes due to COVID-19 and moving our process online, we are still making our process first come first serve. In order to ensure all interested parties have the same level of attention, all meet and greet requests must be made after the available date on the site, requests before will not be considered.

Coming Soon Pets

The pets in the coming soon section are listed there while they age up and/or receive the required medical care needed prior to coming available. Because we are a rescue, we do take animals in from all walks of life and some may come in needing medical attention which may extend the time it will take for them to come available.
In order to become available (at minimum) each pet will receive: two rounds of vaccines, rabies vaccine (if over 4lbs/4months), a microchip that is good for life, will be tested for FIV/FeLv, and will be spayed/neutered.
Common medical conditions that we treat for pets coming into care can include (but is not limited to): URI (Upper respiratory infections), Ringworm, Ear Mites, and eye infections. Severe/emergency medical cases we will often list campaigns on our site to help fund care.

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