Tiki – adopted

Tiki – adopted
Tiki – adopted
Tiki – adopted

Tiki is a super sweet cat. Still young, energetic, and playful. Loves to watch the bunnies in the yard through the bedroom window, and play with toys. Tiki is great with dogs of all sizes, and other cats. Tiki loves to sleep on your feet while you’re sitting at the computer. He doesn’t get up on the keyboard like most cats, but he will demand you pet him when he wants you to. He has a squiggly tail, that is very short. But it gives him extra personality. He’s a great kitty, and would make a great addition to any home.

Tips from the Foster

Pet has been eating: Dry
Food brands: Good natured
How often pet eats: I free feed, so I eat when I’m hungry.

Toys pet likes: I love chase toys, floppy things on a stick, and crinkly balls.
Where does Pet sleep? Anywhere I want, I am a cat, after all.
Pet’s favorite thing to do is…Sleep on your feet or purr while you’re petting me.
I want me new owner to know….I am super loveable! I get along with cats, kids, and dogs. I want to sit by you and be your best friend.

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