Ruger – Adopted

Ruger – Adopted
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My favorite thing to do is… Explore the unknown and find places that seem like a great place for a sneak attack!!  He and his brother are very much a like.  Ruger is a super cool and fun boy who loves scratches and cuddles.  Rugar finds the small spaces behind furniture and waits to chase his brother, Glock!   He is a very adventurous boy and can be found on all the highest shelves where he has carefully stepped so as not to disturb my home decor. He is a great pet and is bonded to his brother. Every mormning I find them calmly sitting on the laundry shelf waiting for breakfast. No fussing or anxiety.  They tell me when they want love.

I want my new owner to know…His brother, Glock is his favorite buddy.  They are a very affectionate and curious duo.  They play well together and would do best together.  Not sure how they would do with dogs.  Great with kids. Hit or miss with other cats since they have been only together all their lives.   Both are calm and polite.

What makes me special is…They didn’t take more than a few days to adjust to my home and I was surprised how fun they were to play with and challenge with new places to explore.  They aren’t afraid of anything and as a result are really cool to watch find their happy places.
Tips From the Foster

How often I eat? 2x/day
Am I eating wet or dry? Dry
My favorite toys are: String and scratching post
I sleep: In high places, all the high places

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