Posh – Adopted

Posh – Adopted
Posh – Adopted

Posh was left at Petsmart in her kennel with a note saying her owner couldn’t care for her anymore.  We were called in to help and found a very sweet, loving kitty.  She is so elegant in her walk and actually seems to pose when she sits, so we thought Posh was a great name for her.  She does everything with style and in her own time.  Her markings make her even more of a fashion model with her thigh high white boots.  So Fancy!  She does have a bit of a stalker side though…. If you have an ensuite bathroom, be prepared… she has a weird fetish about watching you shower.  You open your shower door and there she is – watching you.  She LOVES getting pets and snuggling but is too sophisticated for playing like a kitten.  She does have her spurts of chasing her foster brother around but then it’s right back to stiking a pose for the camera.

Tips from the Foster

Pet has been eating: Dry

Food brands: Any brand, I’m not picky
How often pet eats: I have dry food available the time, but since I’m not super playful, I should be watched for too much weight gain.

Toys pet likes: I am too fancy to play with toys.  I’m not saying I’ll never play, but watching you or getting pet is more my thing
Where does Pet sleep? Your bed is MY bed
Pet’s favorite thing to do is…STIKE A POSE
I want my new owner to know….I am so sweet.  I recently had babies as foster siblings and I took them in as my own.  I made sure they behaved and stayed very clean.  I would do great with or without another kitty.  I haven’t had the opportunity to be around dogs except one that was smaller than me so it doesn’t count,  so I’m not sure how I’ll behave, but I love cats and people.

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